Job Description


Graduate with MBA


6-7 Years in FMCG companies like Sony, Samsung, Nokia etc.


  • Outgoing, Good on communication, High level of ownership, integrity, Sales smart.
  • Convincing skills



1.  Responsible for Electronics Merchandise sales.

  • Stock availability and member service
  • Stock reorder and range


2. Implement  sales and business development strategy to achieve targeted sales

  • Implement business plan to achieve electronic sales
  • Implement sales Plan to drive profitable sales on a sustained manner from top members of focussed buying.

3 . New Members generation and approach members in the market for delivery solutions.

  • Identify new members in the market for bulk purchase of electronic items.
  • Educate members on other payment solutions like electronic transfer, debit card, cash pick ups.
  • Provide information on delivery solution to members and coordinate with 3rd party delivery desk thereby closing the loop from order generation to goods delivery.

4.  Develop sustainable business from Key members   through focussed approach and drive profitable sales


  • Drive sales of top members by getting right size of members enrolled and understand the assortment they buy, identify need gaps and increasing ticket size by introduction of new items and increasing transactions



5. Coordination

1. Coordinating with merchandising team to get desired products at right price to help team deliver results.

2. Coordination with Operation, Finance, legal team for finding solutions to help member services

3. Coordinating with marketing for getting right set of help for desired results on activities.

4. Coordinating with membership team on getting right set of membership done for given geography.

  1. Ensure member engagement to achieve sales target from the segment

1. Guide and facilitate enrolment of right size of memberships across different sub segments

2. Give feedback to merchants on market operating prices and assortment required by members

3. Engaging more members to visit store through effective targeted communication, increase ticket size by adding new assortment in purchase basket

  1. Market Comping & Coordination with Buyers
  1. Coordinate with the market and do a regular visit to understand the prices.
  2. Coordinate with buyers for rates.
  3. Connect with Buyers and get the price update.