Job Description

T2 Java - 2-4yrs exp
T4 Java - 6-8yrs exp
T5 Java 8-10 yrs exp
  1. Should have hands on experience in understanding and implementing design patterns, UML diagrams.
  2. Should be able to differentiate between block diagrams and flow diagrams. They are given a case and are being asked to make these designs/ diagrams in the interview. So they should know how to make these.
  3. Should have experience working on frameworks (Spring/ hibernate ) and web services (Rest/ Soap).
  4. Should have clear understanding of OOPS concept, objects and class.
  5. Should be a Scrum Master or should have played a role of scrum master.
  6. Should be confident enough to lead a

 Contact Details

Name:   Jayendra Desai

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Phone:   722-704-3707