Job Description

Detailed Job description:

The intention of hiring the contractor, would be help the team in meeting the requirement of collection of multiple documents for regulatory purpose et al

  • The regulatory requirements for document collection is increasing which creates additional pressure on AnAs to assist the Bankers
  • The regulatory requirement includes but not restricted to End Use of Funds declaration, Unhedged Foreign Currency Document, Annex 1, Annual Financials and One time remediation exercise for Loan to Directors
  • Further, effective from the current year, a new requirement of External Credit Rating will also be triggered, which would entail, client education and collection of documents
  • In the current year, a new CDD checklist has been rolled out, which will have additional impact for KYC document collection (example Collection of Aadhaar for UBO of each clients)

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Name:   Sakina Petiwala

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Phone:   722-704-3701