Job Description


  • Takes care of coaching of 1-2 assigned recruiters to help them with understanding Requirements, Key strings and Sample resume etc.
  • Responsible to do independent recruiting to achieve their individual KPI
  • Works with 1-2 recruiters closely, giving them daily guidance perspective to make sure to get their desired performance & productivity.
  • Helps TL in managing activities where TL needs help.



  • Stays in touch with SDM and shares challenges and works hand in hand to make strategy and overcomes them with best practices.
  • Solely accountable to update SP with all updates coming from client side.
  • Updates status on SP of every notification coming from client.
  • Add requirements in SP
  • Works closely with ATL to guide in managing team to get desired productivity and same time helps to get individual ATL KPI too.
  • Train, coach & guide recruiters to explain requirement for their understanding, key strings, sample resume and makes sure they are getting right fit candidates.
  • Helps SDM in setting up interview, confirming interview, Interview Prep, Debrief.