Job Description

Team Profile

The ISG Margin team is responsible for exposure monitoring of complex client trading strategies for the International Prime Brokerage (IPB) and International Wealth Management (IWM) businesses at Client. In order to facilitate this and proactively report on risks inherent to the business, close co-operation is required with Risk Management, Account Managers, Sales and Technology.

ISG Margin supports the Institutional Equity Division’s (IED) Risk Management function, handling the critical responsibility of daily monitoring of Market and Counterparty Risk issues. The team provide risk support analysis on a wide range of hedge funds & high net-worth individuals. These clients trade a variety of strategies covering the full range of Equities, Fixed Income, Credit, FX, Commodity, OTC and Listed Derivatives products. A technical appetite is therefore critical in this role.

There is currently a position available for an Associate within the ISG Margin team. This role is based in Bangalore, India.


Role Description & Responsibilities

  • A line Professional Operations Specialist executes Operations processes and/or supports process management and project efforts. This individual may be part of a team of specialists operating within a region and for a particular product.
  • Demonstrates a detailed knowledge of the processes, projects, systems, markets and instruments that influence their team.
  • Analyses and exposes ambiguous or complex issues, identifies root causes and proposes future actions.
  • Ensures Compliance Courses and Policies are completed on a timely basis.
  • May be required to build and manage relationships on a day-to-day level with Business Unit partners, other Client infrastructure departments, and external contact points in Client organizations.


Functions the team performs include:

  • Ensuring client positions and valuations are accurate, correct requirements are being charged in accordance with the clients' strategy and margin policy, issuing margin calls and ensuring they are covered same-day.
  • Understanding the day-to-day client portfolio movements and products traded, thinking about what your clients are trading, actively challenging things that do not make sense
  • Performing extensive exposure analysis across the client base to flag risk across different Issuers, Countries, Markets and Sectors
  • Managing operational risk. We are relied upon to manage and highlight operational risk in the margin process. We are the last line of defence in a market or client crisis. You will perform a central role in this defence by challenging the status quo and maximizing the value that the team can add to our franchise.
  • Working extensively with Clients, Risk Management, Account Managers and & Technology to build & maintain a controlled & commercial business that leverages the strengths of all our people.
  • Driving forward the significant change agenda in collaboration with peers in the New York, Baltimore, London and Hong Kong Margin teams.


Skills that You Bring

  • You are able to handle multiple work streams and prioritize effectively.
  • You actively look for new opportunities for self development and career progression.
  • You show dedication to learn from experience and mistakes; actively seek out feedback and adjust behaviour accordingly.
  • You are aware of the long-term impact of regulatory environment and market changes on the business. You make plans where appropriate to adapt control processes and procedures.
  • You can identify the right levels of control and measures required, building a strong yet flexible workflow.
  • You actively ensure existence of mitigating controls and take personal responsibility for enhancing processes.
  • You combine clear and appropriate escalation with suggestions on appropriate risk reduction strategies.
  • You consistently exceed expectations and respond actively and positively to changing circumstances.
  • All degree (or equivalent course) disciplines considered. You have strong numerical and analytical skills and have developed the necessary competencies in a similar role over a minimum 3–5-year period within this industry.
  • Exposure to Prime Brokerage, Wealth Management, hedge funds industry, derivatives products or Margin & Collateral an advantage
  • Demonstration in your past work experience of robust analytical skills, high attention to detail, diligence, risk management capabilities and a control mind-set
  • Strong product knowledge across equities and derivatives is an advantage.