Job Description


The Transition Management team sits within Global Centre Management, the primary role is to assist business units execute on deployment plans when considering how a business should be staffed and located.  The team work closely with key stakeholders to identify opportunities and subsequently transition roles to offshore, near-shore and vendor sites, executing in the most efficient way, whilst remaining all aligned to the Firm’s long term growth strategy.


The Transition Management Team primarily project manages deployments on behalf of Firmwide Business Units to Client’s Global Centres (GC), and to 3rd party vendors. These GC’s include: Baltimore, South Jordan, Alpharetta, Budapest, Glasgow, Mumbai and Bengaluru.


This group is responsible for developing relationships with Sending and Receiving Managers whilst centrally maintaining a global project plan and managing the day-to-day running of each transition.  The group also providing advisory services on an adhoc basis to focus on risks or issues which engaged transition managers may have. Cross divisional interaction is key to ensuring a successful transition.




Data Management, MIS & Reporting

·        Working closely with the transitions management team to collect, update & correct backend & frontend data points pertaining to the projects managed by the function and ensure the MIS & Reporting requirements of the function are fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner

·        Work with the project managers and ensure complete, correct & updated data is entered & reflecting in the relative internal data managements systems

·        Liaison with key internal teams like Global Outsourcing Control groups for updated project status, comments to ensure with

·        Ensure all internal data management tools / sharepoints are update to date & reflecting correct information

·        Manage raw data points and convert to reporting dashboards / Power point presentation for senior stakeholders

·        Lias and partner with the CS Reporting and Metrics team and collaborate to drive automation through the internal available systems / tool / macros to streamline the collation & reporting of the projects within the transitions function

·        Partner with project managers across the Transition Management team to identify process improvement opportunities, offering increased governance across the function

·        Develop a collaborative working relationship with partners in the ‘Metrics and Analytics’ group, ensuring that all data requests are addressed in a timely manner

·        Demonstrates a strong focus towards data integrity to track and report progress of each transition being managed.



·        The Transition Management team is positioned globally across London (1 x VP, 1 x Temp), New York (1 x Director) and Mumbai (1 x VP, 1 x Manager and 1 x Consultant).



·        Strong MIS & Reporting skillset

·        Excellent command on Microsoft office: Specifically Excel & Power point, Coding and running macros and Automation tools, Dashboards

·        Working knowledge of automation tools like Tableau, Blueprism etc is a plus

·        Strong Communication skills; verbal / written

·        Ability to handle Experience of managing multiple MIS & Reporting Requirements

·        Strong attention to detail, communication and organisational skills

·        Ability to work autonomously under pressure to meet tight deadlines

·        Ability to work both independently and as part of a team








Client Skills


Additional Notes

·        Candidates need to be able to build relationships within internal teams - the transitions management team, the global outsourcing control centers, the central MIS & Reporting team etc

·        The candidate should be able to challenge Project Managers & internal stakeholders whilst playing a key role to educate and prioritise the completion of correct data updating & reporting

·        The successful candidate must have good attention to detail and will be expected to identify potential data failures / reporting issues and act in a proactive manner to mitigate





Job Skills


Additional Notes

·        MIS & Reporting experience is critical and preferred within the off (and/or near) shoring / outsourcing team in either organization wide reporting or functions like Project Managements and Operations

·        The candidate should be able to work in a flexible environment.  In a project environment, plans & priorities change frequently.  The candidate will need to act autonomously through this period whilst using sound judgement to engage leadership as required.

·        The candidate needs have excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, automation tools, coding and running macros where required and demonstrate a degree of IT knowledge and awareness. 



Business/Product Knowledge








Additional Notes

·        The candidate needs to demonstrate a high level of integrity given the sensitive nature of some of the information made available to them

·        Much of the sensitive information can only be shared with certain audiences and if unsure the candidate should be able to clearly differentiate between those that should and those that should not have this data.

·        Due to the multi-tasking nature of the role, the candidate should be able to prioritise their own workloads accordingly.

·        The candidate would be expected to share ideas within the team that could result in efficiency gains, automation of data updating and reporting, dashboards etc


Planning & Control