Job Description

Job Description

Job Title: Regulatory Operations Operator

Location: Bangalore/ Jaipur


  • Specific/ mandatory skills: Sanctions/ Payments processing experience.
  • Open to consider fresher candidates (Yes/No): Yes, subject to first getting experienced CVs
  • Experience range: 2 to 3 years
  • Shift timings: Rotational shifts 5 days a week
  • Work from Home at present (Yes/No): Partial work from home, need staff in base locations which is Jaipur/ Bangalore

Responsibilities include but are not be limited to:

  • Support the Level 1 team lead in protecting bank from legal, regulatory and reputational risk with regard to business involving sanctioned entities and / or countries.
  • Ensure diligent review and confirmation of transactions that require escalation to a Level 2 investigator and decide on these in full compliance with the applicable Sanctions regulations and the bank’s policies and procedures.
  • Execute internal control checks as defined in the KOP documentation and Embargo control framework documents governed by AFC Embargo.
  • Support any applicable reporting obligations to the competent authorities with respect to transaction handling.
  • Convert timely the update of the relevant embargo lists in respective filtering systems – implement the data to central and decentralized tools in GT and Operations.
  • Support CoC Regulatory Filtering team on the adoption of new clients.

Main Accountabilities:

RTB focus

  • Primarily review stopped messages and take a decision on them (either pass or investigate), based on limited set of rules provided and maintained by AFC.
  • Record rationale for decision from pre-defined set of options.
  • Seek feedback from more senior investigators/reviewers, where their decisions fail the four-eye control.
  • Provide support feedback loop and filter optimization by identifying repeat mismatches to propose e.g. Good Guys.
  • Use user access privileges only for authorised purposes; actively safeguard sensitive and confidential information.

CTB focus

  • Supports GMO / AFC related change projects
  • Supports remediation actions owned by GMO / AFC

Training & Development

  • Participate Trainings such as on HotScan, Sanctions policies, L1 procedures, specific payment types, including structure / form of messages.