Job Description

Job Description

Title: Payments Processing Operator

Location: Bangalore


  • Top 3 skills:  Quick learner/ good with excel/ knowledge of static data
  • Preferred skills: Swift/ static data functions
  • Open to consider fresher candidates (Yes/No): No
  • Number of days work from office: Currently Mon-Wednesday


The Payments Processing Analyst is responsible for the accurate and timely processing of all types of payments including processing of physical cash/valuables, as well as the handling of cash related investigations. This includes the processing of time-critical, complex transactions on behalf of the bank’s internal and external clients, cash-related investigations involving enquiries from clients and internal stakeholders on cash payments before and after execution. It often involves time critical, potentially complex or in some cases regulated tasks including interaction with internal and external stakeholders.

The Payments Processing Analyst undertakes the complete and accurate capturing of payment transactions including physical cash/valuables transactions, ensuring that all payment-related information and relevant parties are processed according to established Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and industry guidelines. In addition, they should ensure that procedures are properly executed to reduce processing risk and identify potential areas for process improvement whether internally within the bank or for our clients.

The Payments Processing Analyst may also be in direct contact with clients in relation to payment processing offered by the bank, if this is agreed with respective front office functions. They may need to deal with the escalation and remediation of client complaints as well as managing relationships with the front office and other internal and external parties at an appropriate level.