Job Description



  • Specific/ mandatory skills: Banking / Finance Service Industry / Loan Servicing/US Mortgage
  • Shift timings: UK hours (1.30 or 2.30 pm to 10.30 or 11.30 pm IST)
  • Work from Home at present (Yes/No):  No


The Trade and/or Transaction Analyst provides operational expertise and independent governance to achieve timely, accurate and complete transaction management for the bank and, where relevant, the bank’s clients.

The Trade and/or Transaction Analyst's responsibilities include technical, transactional and logistical input into the leadership team to ensure the bank operates with the right balance of quality, flexibility, control and cost. This is achieved through collaboration across businesses and divisions in an environment which maximises control and minimises operational risk, whilst maintaining exceptional client or internal customer/stakeholder (as appropriate) service levels.

The Trade and/or Transaction Analyst strives to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with internal partners and/or external clients (as appropriate) and within the wider market in order to improve market practices and platforms. The Trade and/or Transaction Analyst builds and manages partnerships between internal businesses to ensure that the bank’s business objectives are delivered, comply with operational control, external regulation and continue to improve the bank’s technology platforms, as appropriate. Where relevant, they focus on new business initiatives and working as a team to ensure full front-to-back operational readiness for products ranging from high-volume vanilla trading through to highly complex structured transactions.

Regulatory change and an ever-evolving business environment mean that the Trade and/or Transaction Analyst must continually provide input and creative innovative solutions to deliver efficiencies and protect the bank and its shareholders.

Mandatory Skills:

  • Good written & verbal English skills. Ability to converse clearly with internal staff via telephone and using written communication.
  • Good typing speed with accuracy, MS Office (especially MS excel)
  • Ability to provide high transaction productivity and high level of attention to detail.

Preferred Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of key elements of document review
  • Ability to work effectively on a team
  • Able to operate calmly and efficiently in a high volume, intense atmosphere that maintains a very low margin of error