Job Description

Job Specification:

·       The role expects that you should be highly analytical with a knack for analysis, math and statistics

·       Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for interpreting data. We also want to see a passion for machine-learning and research.


Data Scientist


Software Development

Desired Experience:

2 to 4 years



Desired Shift/Working Hours

Night Shift

No. of Positions:


Desired Education:

Any Graduate in Computer Science

Employment Status


Job Description & Org Chart

  1. Designing and implementing Machine Learning models and algorithms.
  2. Develop and maintain model deployment pipelines for many types of machine learning including supervised and unsupervised learning as well as CNNs, RNNs or other deep learning algorithms.
  3. Strong analytical and logical thinking skills.
  4. Data mining using state-of-the-art methods.
  5. Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis
  6. Delivering and presenting results to team regarding their business, forecast, pipeline, and potential customers.
  7. Should be able to write time and memory efficient code with the computational resources provided.
  8. Analyzing large amounts of information to find patterns and solutions
  9. Developing prediction systems and machine learning algorithms
  10. Presenting results in a clear manner
  11. Propose solutions and strategies to tackle business challenges


Desired Skills:

1. Degree in computer science ,engineering or relevant field is preferred.

2. 2+ years of experience working with data scientists in a data engineering or production machine learning inferencing capacity.

3. Knowledge of traditional machine learning algorithm and techniques.

4. Experience with NLP technologies & the handling of unstructured text; Expertise in at least 1 of the following: Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Query Intent & Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

5. Working with various types of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms for classification, recommendation, anomaly detection, clustering and segmentation, as well as CNNs, RNNs or other deep learning algorithms

6. Any certifications in NLP is advantageous.

7. Experience with data science toolkits like: Pandas, Jupyter, scikit, TensorFlow, etc.

8. Strong Python programming skills. Hands on Python experience on textual data analytics is a plus

9. Good understanding of full-stack development will be an add on.

10.Knowledge of relational & non-relational database will be an add on.

11.Excellent communication skills


Python, Machine learning frameworks like Spark, TensorFlow or sciket-learn.