Job Description

P&A Finance Account & Portfolio Performance Lead  


Job Summary:   

Performance & Advisory is our new multi-dimensional finance capability that opens boundless opportunities for our people and reflects the strong culture of shared success that we aim to build.  

The Performance component directly reflects that success is based on business outcomes achieved; while the Advisory component represents the expected contribution further along the value chain, with shared accountability for results. 

P&A professionals will be equal team members on the Finance teams to which they are assigned, sharing ownership of business outcomes. Functionally aligned. Directly assigned. 

Within Performance & Advisory we have five towers, collaborating as needed to achieve shared outcomes and shared success: 

  • P&A Account & Portfolio Performance  
  • P&A Forecasting & Planning 
  • P&A Payroll & Cost Optimization 
  • P&A Data Analytics & Storytelling 
  • P&A Investments 
  • P&A Competitor Financials 
  • P&A Integrated Delivery Finance 

P&A Account & Portfolio Performance is responsible of maximize business performance outcomes by driving actionable solutions across the portfolios and accounts focus on push Growth, Sustained Profitability and Cash-flow health. Be primary finance partner & business advisor providing financial insights for business case development, scenario planning & driving solutions. Lead collaborations across functions & business to optimize outcomes. Manage risk across client portfolio & accounts. Exposure to senior leadership. Manage large complex work effort and innovation mindset. 

Key Functions:  

Maximize business performance by driving insightful and actionable solutions across the portfolio & accounts for the MU P&L, with a key focus on being outcome driven around Revenue Growth, Profitability Expansion and Cash flow optimization. Lead the team of MU FBAs as a people lead as well as transformation lead to drive best practices within the MU and be the influence of change. 

Responsibilities among others include Preclose support, Actuals and Variance analysis, support Forecast and landing exercises, Executive meeting support material, Working capital management, Margin improvement & growth analytics, supporting EAC change process and Compliance matters. You will - 

  • Lead the MU CG FBA team, bringing the team together and integrated within P&A towers and FBM teams, with a focus on transformation to standardize and leverage global tools and methods.  
  • Collaborate with the Client Groups (CGFLs), Services finance leasd and the Client Financial Management (CFM) teams in conducting analysis and identifying actions. 
  • Review and analyse monthly MU financial results and understand variances to forecast including identify issues that require further action and provide solutions.  
  • Assist with preparation and presentation of MU Business Review decks to the MU Leadership Team as required.  
  • Assist MU Leadership Team members with decision making on sales, revenue and profitability management from finance purspective.  
  • Analyse areas of Profitability expansion/improvement, identify insights and actions, and drive these actionable solutoins across the Portfolio and Accounts. 
  • Identify and assist in executing continuous improvement opportunities, with a key focus on innovation.  
  • Undertake special projects, research and ad-hoc analysis as required.  
  • Anticipation and focus on predictability based on actuals analysis with high integration and collaboration with A&PP teams across Markets and Services as well as with all towers within P&A, including working closely with the Forecasting & Planning, Payroll & Cost Optimization, Investments, Competitor Financials and Data Analytics & Storytelling Teams across P&A organization 
  • Ambassador of P&A culture and strategy. Change agent example with innovation at the DNA core, maximizing the power of P&A and the Data Analytics and Storytelling team power 

Actively contribute to MU Finance community and P&A community 


Skills & Work Experience 

  • Confident and comfortable dealing with Finance and non-finance executive leadership 
    - Focus on drive actionable solutions and outcomes 
    - Excellent English verbal and written communications skills 
  • Good understanding of economic model and key Financial Business Outcomes and Financial Systems. Previous experience at FBM, CFM valuated 
  • Strong communication and storytelling skills, ability to build strong networks and collaboration environments 
  • Innovation and constant learning attitude. Knowledge of agile methodologies  



- Degree in one of the following fields: Economics / Business Administration / Finance