Job Description

Job Summary:   

Performance & Advisory is our new multi-dimensional finance capability that opens boundless opportunities for our people and reflects the strong culture of shared success that we aim to build.  

The Performance component directly reflects that success is based on business outcomes achieved; while the Advisory component represents the expected contribution further along the value chain, with shared accountability for results. 

P&A professionals will be equal team members on the Finance teams to which they are assigned, sharing ownership of business outcomes. Functionally aligned. Directly assigned. 

Within Performance & Advisory we have seven towers, collaborating as needed to achieve shared outcomes and shared success: 

  • P&A Account & Portfolio Performance  
  • P&A Forecasting & Planning 
  • P&A Payroll & Cost Optimization 
  • P&A Data Analytics & Storytelling 
  • P&A Investments 
  • P&A Competitor Financials 
  • P&A Integrated Delivery Finance 


You will be part of Integrated Delivery Finance tower. 


  • Preparation of monthly report pack 
  • Variance analysis actuals vs forecast 
  • Corrective action on financials (in case of cost missing / posted wrongly) 
  • Budgeting / forecasting 
  • Month closing activities (accruals, journal entries, pre-close reporting) 
  • SAP structure maintenance (cost center / Profir Center / WBS / Sup org requests) 
  • Team activities support 



  • Excellent excel skills 
  • Experience in work in excel min 1 year 
  • Expect to work with SAP and Excel 90% of total time 
  • Knowledge of finance (degree or student) 
  • Positive attitude 
  • Communication skills 
  • Good spoken English