Job Description

Job Description:

- Design, implement, and maintain highly available and scalable MSSQL database systems to support our business needs
- Monitor and optimize database performance, including analyzing query execution plans, identifying bottlenecks, and making necessary adjustments to ensure optimal system performance
- Troubleshoot and resolve database-related issues, including performance tuning, optimizing queries, and resolving data inconsistencies
- Perform regular database backups and implement disaster recovery strategies to ensure data integrity and availability
- Collaborate with developers and system administrators to ensure efficient integration of database systems with the application and infrastructure environment
- Monitor database security and access controls, implementing necessary safeguards to protect sensitive data
- Develop and enforce database standards and best practices to ensure consistency across all database systems
- Stay up-to-date with new technologies and industry trends related to MSSQL and database administration
- Document database design, configuration, and processes for knowledge sharing and troubleshooting purposes

About the Assignment:
We are seeking an experienced MSSQL DBA (Database Administrator) to join our team and manage our huge database infrastructure. The ideal candidate should be skilled in designing, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining robust and high-performance databases. The primary responsibility will be the management of our Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) environment, which includes ensuring data integrity, security, and availability.

Essential Experience / Criteria:
1. MSSQL and DBMS principles
3. Windows/linux
4. SQL Scripting and Automation

Desirable Experience / Criteria:
Total experience- 4- 6 years
1. MSSQL - 5 years
2. AWS RDS - 2 years

A expert in MSSQL database which will be helping in managing, optimising, and improving the performance of database