Job Description

As a Delivery Support Executive, you will play a crucial role in providing excellent customer service and maintaining accurate records of incoming calls and inquiries. Your role is essential in ensuring efficient communication and support within the organization.


1. Answering and Forwarding Incoming Calls:
Professionally handle incoming calls from customers, clients, and partners.
Direct calls to the appropriate department or individual based on the nature of the inquiry.
Provide courteous and timely responses to callers, addressing their needs or directing them to the right resources.


2. Maintaining Detailed Call Records:
Keep a meticulous record of all incoming calls, including caller information, purpose of the call, and any actions taken.
Organize and categorize call data for future reference and reporting.
Generate reports summarizing call activity and trends.


3. Report Generation:
Compile and generate reports based on the call data collected.
Provide insights and analysis of call-related metrics and trends.
Collaborate with relevant teams to share call-related information for process improvement.


4. Communication and Collaboration:
Maintain effective communication with colleagues and teams regarding incoming calls and related matters.
Collaborate with different departments to ensure that customer inquiries are resolved promptly and efficiently.




Good written and verbal communication skills.
Strong analytical skills.
Previous experience in answering incoming calls is preferred.
Proficiency in MS Office applications.
Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new tasks and responsibilities.