Job Description

The objective of this engagement is to facilitate the review, re-negotiation and contract novation of APAC Task Orders (TOs) and Master Service Agreements (MSAs) in support of Client’s Resilience initiatives. Specifically, the project involves the novation of between 1,300 to 1,400 contracts to the new Hong Kong material services entity.


Description of Work by Managed Team



The Managed Team will provide support and have day-to-day involvement in contractual matters and issues arising within Sourcing’s areas of responsibility. The Managed Team will further be expected to work with Sourcing and their business partners to develop strategies and lead negotiations with vendors on a local or regional basis as required to complete contract novation in-line with overall project timelines and objectives.

There are a total of 6 resources that will be required, initially 2 in HK and the balance will be in India.


Consultants will provide sourcing expertise and support with the following:

  • Novate 1,300 to 1,400 contracts to the new HK entity. This includes ~651 MSAs and ~667 TOs.
  • Support the updates of ~751 records of vendor / service risk profiles (SPARs), including 22 critical services, and 54 outsourced services.
  • Support the updates of ~600 Purchase Orders (POs), moving them under the new Hong Kong material services entity


Consultants will support Sourcing activities relative to the main objectives including, but not limited to:

  • Act as a subject matter expert in the sourcing and procurement domain to facilitate best sourcing practices.
  • Leverage existing sourcing frameworks and established processes to ensure consistency with all project deliverables.
  • Manage business stakeholder expectations with regards to sourcing process.
  • Explain sourcing process to stakeholders where necessary.
  • Analyze contracts and prepare novation agreements, utilizing contract templates.
  • Facilitate contract review process with BU, vendors and client Legal
  • Ensure sourcing process is being followed by all stakeholders.
  • Ensure all sourcing data points are captured timely and input into appropriate systems.
  • Others as determined by the Client stakeholders and the Consultant Project Lead.