Job Description

IND - Technical Analyst/Other Senior


Job Title: ServiceNow ITSM Specialist ( 5 to 8 years)
Summary: The ServiceNow ITSM Specialist is responsible for developing and maintaining strategies to capture, organize, and distribute knowledge related to the ServiceNow platform and IT service management processes.

• End to end understanding of service, respective offerings, process/workflows, integrations, fulfilment & support etc.
• Good Experience in ITIL Process like Incident Management, Problem & Change management.
• Planning for future service.
• Re-engineering of service/offerings & respective workflows
• Designing of Service, offering, consumables, request forms, workflows, approvals, fulfilment construct formation, automation designing
• Integration & functional designing, user stories creation, wireframes
• KPIs & reporting configuration
• Build test scripts, functional testing, pilot training.
• Implementation of redesigned service using ITSM tools like ServiceNow etc.
• Identify automation opportunities and driving implementation of the same.
• Work closely with ServiceNow developers in Agile method to get redesigned service implemented.
• Measuring, monitoring, and managing IT services to ensure optimal service delivery and protect against downtime & breaches.
• Ensuring CSAT, SLA and Backlogs are within the agreed contract and preparing and sharing reports with higher management / team for visibility.
• Identifying problems, known issues and drive through proper RCA and problem management, RCAs’ for Major incidents and SOP preparation for reference and escalation management.
• Knowledge Capture and Creation:
o Collaborate with subject matter experts and ServiceNow administrators to capture and document best practices, processes, and solutions within the ServiceNow platform.
o Create and maintain a centralized repository of ServiceNow-related knowledge assets, including articles, documents, FAQs, and user guides.
• Content Management:
o Develop and enforce content management policies and procedures to ensure the accuracy and relevance of ServiceNow knowledge resources.
o Regularly review and update existing ServiceNow-related content to reflect changes in processes or configurations.
• Taxonomy and Metadata:
o Develop and maintain a taxonomy and metadata structure specific to ServiceNow knowledge assets for efficient categorization and retrieval.
o Implement standardized classification and tagging systems for ServiceNow resources.
• Knowledge Access and Retrieval:
o Design and implement user-friendly interfaces and search functionalities to facilitate easy access to ServiceNow knowledge resources.
o Provide training and guidance to IT staff on how to effectively search for and retrieve ServiceNow-related information.
• Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration:
o Facilitate knowledge-sharing sessions, workshops, and forums to encourage collaboration and learning among IT teams and ServiceNow users.
o Promote a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement within the IT organization.
• Quality Assurance:
o Ensure the quality and accuracy of ServiceNow knowledge resources through regular content audits, reviews, and version control.
o Establish and enforce content review and update processes.
• Technology Management:
o Evaluate, select, and implement knowledge management tools and ServiceNow-specific software to support knowledge-sharing initiatives.
o Stay informed about ServiceNow platform updates and enhancements.
• Metrics and Analytics:
o Monitor and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to ServiceNow knowledge management, such as content utilization, user satisfaction, and incident resolution times.
o Use data-driven insights to continuously improve ServiceNow knowledge management practices.
• Training and Support:
o Provide training and support to IT staff and ServiceNow users on ServiceNow knowledge management tools and practices.
o Address user inquiries and issues related to ServiceNow knowledge resources.

• Proven experience in Service management.
• Familiarity with ServiceNow platform functionality and configurations.
• Proficiency in knowledge management tools and content management systems.
• ITIL certification or ServiceNow certifications are advantageous.

• Information organization and categorization within the context of ServiceNow.
• Content management systems and software, especially those used in IT service management.
• Taxonomy and metadata management tailored for ServiceNow assets.
• Familiarity with ITIL and IT service management best practices.
• Change management and training expertise specific to ServiceNow knowledge management
• Strong understanding of ITSM and ITIL frameworks.