Job Description

Work location: Mumbai


Role and responsibilities


ü  Prepare SOW related contractual agreements using current research methods and a knowledge of a client's needs

ü  Collaborate with a legal team and key stakeholders to prepare the contract

ü  Ensure that the terms of contractual agreements written in language that is legally binding and in accordance with the primary MSA

ü  Assist stakeholders to fulfil the terms of or to terminate contracts on mutually agreeable terms

ü  Review contract terms and conditions to verify compliance along with company policies and all applicable regulations

ü  Negotiate with Vendors on terms, conditions and pricing

ü  Clearly explain contract terminology to Vendors

ü  Self-monitor progress according to the schedule of completion to submit drafts and documents in a timely manner

ü  Proofread, edit, and fact-check documents for accuracy and consistency, according to a style guide if provided stakeholders


Qualification criteria


ü  5+ years relevant experience in SOW drafting and Contract Management

ü  1+ years of legal or paralegal experience will be an added advantage preferably working directly with contract law

ü  Knowledge of current and legally-binding contractual language and terminology

ü  Ability to identify, analyze, and suggest solutions for problems, customer complaints, and client concerns

ü  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including an impeccable mastery of the English language

ü  Clear adherence to company policies and procurement rules and regulations

ü  Good organization skills and the ability to multitask on several projects simultaneously

ü  Knowledge of negotiation best practices, both in-person and in written form, that considers cultural norms and the client's best interests